Weekly reads: Bill Gates, Zappos, Reid Hoffman, Scientology and student newspapers

weekly reads

Today I want to share a few articles I’ve read recently that captured my attention and kept me interested for the entirety of my commute. I hope you find them as insightful as I did, and if you’ve read anything great recently please do leave a comment with a recommendation.

The Network Man

The New Yorker

Fascinating profile of LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. I’m particularly taken with his ritual of beginning all meals (or coffees, depending on your networking budget) by writing down or bringing along a list of the topics both individuals want to discuss.

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The plot against student newspapers?

The Atlantic

As Editor of my former university newspaper I faced numerous freedom of speech issues. It seems the situation in American colleges is considerably worse.

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15 Accurate Predictions Bill Gates Made About the Future in 1999

Time Magazine

Re: Interest-based online sites

Gates’ prediction: “Online communities will not be influenced by your location, but rather, your interest.”

What we see now: All kinds of news sites and online communities focus on single topics. Many news sites expand to separate verticals, offering more in-depth coverage on a given topic.

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How the Church of Scientology fought the Internet—and why it lost

The Kernel

Another reminder that you can’t pick a fight with the internet and win.

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First, let’s get rid of all the bosses

New Republic

“New Zappos employees typically undergo several weeks of training and education in the culture and traditions of the company, a period that includes at least one week working in the call center, or CLT (Customer Loyalty Team). At that point, new hires have the option to accept the offer: a no-questions-asked $3,000 payment if they’d simply like to walk away.”

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