Content marketing for small businesses

content marketing for small business

The Guardian recently asked me to sit on their expert panel for their live Q&A on content marketing. It was a real honour to represent small businesses on the panel and I hope I was able to help a few small businesses get that bit closer to achieving their content marketing goals.

You can read the full Q&A over on the Guardian’s small business network and my recap of the chat here, but if you’re looking for a shorter read I’ve compiled most of my responses below.

Q) I’m a freelance marketing professional, mainly working for start-ups and social enterprises. Aware that there is just such a large amount of content out there, I’d be interested in hearing from the panel tips for making the content I produce for my clients stand out from the crowd and be more readily shared. ID328995

A) Creating interesting content is the best starting point. Look for content gaps in your industry that you can fill and consider what format that content should take. A webinar may add more value than just another blog post.

Q) “In a world where globally recognised brands like VW can destroy consumer confidence that has taken decades to achieve almost overnight, how can content marketing help an unknown automotive brand establish trust quickly?” kjohnston

A) Content marketing is helpful when building brand trust, but it takes time and patience. Viral content may help to create brand awareness quickly but regular, personalised content produced for different stages of the sales cycle will have the most value if you’re looking to build long-term relationships.

Q) How can you find the best topics to create content about that prospective customers will want to read? Nick Taimitarha

A) It’s essential that you understand your demographic and creating personas is a really useful way to do this. Once you understand who your audience is and what they want then you can move onto the fun stuff! One of my favourite tools is,as once I have a content idea I can see how similar content on social media has performed.

Q) In a world where large organisations are spending millions on their content marketing how can small businesses compete? @jamie_tillr

A) Unlike other mediums such as advertising, content marketing is one way small businesses really can compete with large organisations. That said, it’s not always about competiting. Small businesses usually have a very different market they want to conquer than that of a global brand and success needs to be measured in different ways.

Q) ‘Video is the future of content marketing’ is something I hear all the time. How do small businesses make the most of an expensive channel? @jamie_tillr

A) If you can’t create valuable video content for your audience it’s not worth creating at all, even if it is the so called ‘future’!

Q) What’s the biggest mistake small businesses make with content marketing? @smithemmal

A) The biggest mistake small businesses make is not having a content marketing strategy in place. Small businesses need to think about their goals and how content marketing can help them achieve what they want.

Q) What would you say is the best way to get maximum exposure from your #contentmarketing when you are starting from scratch? @jamie_tillr

A) Identify where your audience is online and focus on those networks. Then utilise advertising effectively on those sites to reach a much larger segment of your target market in a short period of time. Of course, all of this is conditional on creating valuable content that’s of interest to your audience.

Q) Has #contentmarketing replaced SEO when it comes to increasing web traffic? @hotspot_mktg

A) Web traffic should be a content marketing metric, not the goal.

Q) Is it good practice in #contentmarketing to focus 80% of your effort on helping your tribe and 20% on brand-promotion? @rogerd_

A) If you’re truly creating content with the purpose of ‘helping your tribe’ the brand promotion will fall into place naturally.

Want to know more about content marketing for small businesses? Leave a comment with your questions or contact me.


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