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I’ve had a lot of discussions lately about mobile and desktop usage. Yes, more people are using mobile to search and consume content than ever. But that doesn’t mean that desktop will die it out. It just means we use different devices for different things at different times of the day.

I’m going to make a statement here and say that Moz blog readers are digitally savvy. And if you’re reading a blog about SEO and digital marketing you likely know your way around a smartphone. Yet when Moz asked their readers ‘On which type(s) of devices do you prefer to read blog posts?’ in their Moz Blog Reader Survey earlier this summer, 71% of blog readers said desktop or laptop only.

moz blog readers
Image: Moz
That’s a staggeringly large number, much higher than I would have guessed. Which is surprising when I think that the Moz blog is one of the only blogs I’ve only ever exclusively read on my laptop.

Why? Moz is a blog that inspires me to act. And I prefer to act in a work environment, not when I’m using my smartphone and catching up on content on the go.

You can read about all the Moz Blog survey results here


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