Self-promotion, Uber agencies and dark Facebook

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Image: Nick Turner

A few things I’ve read this week that you might be interested in:

12 women on Twitter and Self-Promotion

“Most of my social-media presence is either talking about how awesome I am or how awesome other women are. I don’t think there’s anything weird or shameful in taking to a platform and saying, “I wrote this, read it” or “I’m proud of this, read it.” It’s important to me to eschew any feelings about promotionally based guilt because, at the end of the day, I’m doing it because it makes me happy and fulfilled. Why should I feel guilty about that?”

Read more at The Cut

The Uber of agencies: Why marketers want to ride with a new kind of shop

Can agencies take an Uber-like approach, owning the relationship, strategy and data without owning the execution?

Read more at Advertising Age

4 ways to use dark Facebook posts for business

Four ways to use dark Facebook posts for business. Helpful if you want to target segments of your broad audience without compromising your Facebook business page strategy.

Read more at Social Media Examiner


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