Social media for good

With our day to day social media usage dominated by emojis, selfies and for the professional community managers amongst us, engagement rates, schedules and ad insights, it’s easy to get caught in a bubble.

Between using social media for ‘fun’ and social media for business it’s easy to forget the potential social media has to help us protect the vulnerable and even save lives. Social media isn’t going to solve world hunger and poverty, but it can help us to help others.

Tracey Helton, a former heroin addict, is doing that through Reddit. Naloxone can save your life if you have an opiate overdose, and she sends vials of the stuff as well as clean syringes to anyone that requests them on Reddit. In 18 months social media has enabled her to save 115 lives.

How else can we use social media as a tool to help others?


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Carla B

London blogger

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