Six Pinterest tips for small business success

Pinterest isn’t the best social network for all small businesses, but with 72.8 million monthly active users it’s certainly worth considering whether it could bring value to your company.

Like most social networks, Pinterest is a great platform for small businesses to experiment with because it’s free to set up an account. There’s no financial outlay but you will need to spend time using the site to generate a strategy for your small business to employ.

Ready to buy into Pinterest? Here are six things you should think about to ensure small business success on the network:

1) Create a Pinterest business account

There are two types of Pinterest accounts, personal and business. When you create your account make sure you create a business Pinterest account. A business account is exactly the same as a personal account (it’s still completely free) but it has the added benefit of access to an analytics dashboard.

2) Verify your website

Verifying your website means your full URL will appear on your profile page. This is great for your brand and will allow users to easily click through to your website and find out more about your small business.

3) Pinterest analytics

Check your Pinterest analytics regularly. Play around with the data, download spreadsheets and learn what content works well and what content doesn’t work as well for your brand. The dashboard is easy to use and contains all the information a small business needs to know about how they’re performing on Pinterest.

4) Use rich pins

Rich pins allow you to add extra information to a pin. There are five types of rich pins in total but small businesses should start by focusing on article pins, product pins and place pins. These pins give the user more information and perform brilliantly; based on my experience managing Pinterest accounts (from data accessed via the analytics dashboard) I can see that on average rich pins perform 80% better than standard pins.

5) Utilise place pins

Place pins are a rich pin, but they’re so useful for small businesses that they deserve a whole paragraph of their own.

Local search is incredibly important to small businesses. Pinterest is ranked highly by search engines and place pins can also help you establish expertise in your area when you create specific boards relevant to your local community.

6) Track what people pin from your website

Once you have the Pin button live on your website you’ll be able to see if visitors to your website have pinned your content. Just replace “URL” in this link with your website address to see what content on your own website is performing best:

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